1. Chanel Unchained: Feminine Silhouettes Paired with Biker Chic (Paris Fashion Week, Autumn/Winter 2013)

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  2. Trust, It’s A Trend: Thigh-High, Sky-High Boots for Fall/Winter 2013 (Emilio Pucci here, but Also Every Other Runway)

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  3. The Incredible, Wearable Andrew GN Collection (Paris Fashion Week, Autumn/Winter 2013)

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  4. Making an Entrance, Half-Clad in Fur at Louis Vuitton (Paris Fashion Week, Fall/WInter 2013)

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  5. Asymmetry + Minimalism at Céline (Paris Fashion Week, Fall/Winter 2013)

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  6. Strong, Skinny Suits Extend into Fall 2013 (Kenzo, Paris Fashion Week)

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  7. Amid the Goth & High-Concept-Everything at Paris Fashion Week, A.P.C. is What We’d Wear IRL (Fall/Winter 2013)

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  8. Well-Rounded Cocktail Accessories at Giorgio Armani (Milan Fashion Week, Fall/Winter 2013)

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  9. Freshly Tousled in Tweed and Leather at Prada (Milan Fashion Week, Fall/Winter 2013)

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  10. The Red Army at Dolce & Gabbana (Milan Fashion Week, Fall/Winter 2013)

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  11. Sirens in CInnabar & Chandelier Earrings at Dolce & Gabbana (Milan Fashion Week, Fall/Winter 2013)

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  12. Resplendent in Tartan and Gold at Moschino (Milan Fashion Week, Fall/Winter 2013)

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  13. Mini-Dresses & Maxi Boots at Emilio Pucci (Milan Fashion Week, Fall/Winter 2013)

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  14. Vintage-Inspired Meets Zippers at Preen (London Fashion Week, Autumn/Winter 2013)

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  15. Heavy Metal at Burberry Prorsum (London Fashion Week, Autumn/Winter 2013)

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